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RegionLocationCodeDetailsKey Info OneKey Info TwoArtworkImage1ArtworkImage2ArtworkImage3ArtworkImage4ArtworkImage5ArtworkImage6ArtworkImage7ArtworkImage8ArtworkImage9ArtworkImage10PositionTestimonialTestimonial Author
AucklandClevedonRH506(25km) Country stay, sheep, deer and cattle. Situated at Clevedon south of city in rural area.
Host interests: Game hunting, fishing, photography, travel, reading, cooking.
Please note: 2 night stay minimum
G1 Premium rates apply, 2 night stay minimum applies1 Queen - Guest bathroom
1 Twin - En suite bathroom
Maxiumum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/rh506.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH506 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH506 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH506 5.jpg      03  
Waikato WaitomoTe AwamutuRH534Country stay, at one of New Zealand's hidden trout fishing streams that flows through the property.
Hosts interests include river fishing, music
G21 Queen - Shared guest bathrooms.
2 King single - Shared guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH534 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH534 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 534 3.JPG       10Trout fishing heaven! Warm comfortable home and hospitality to match, would stay again.Recent visitors from Canada.
Waikato WaitomoCambridgeRH523(5 km) Farm stay, sheep, beef cattle & dairy support. Handy to state highway 1, near Lake Karapiro. Excellant views over a wide area.
Host interests: Fishing, boating, gardening, family and woodwork.
G11 Queen - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Double - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH523.JPG         03Food was delightful. Host was very generous with time/information.Karen & Charlie, USA
Waikato WaitomoCambridgeRH528(12km) Farm stay, organic dairy, handy to State Highway 1.
Host interests: Family, skiing, outdoors, gardening.
G12 Twin - Guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH528.jpg         04They took us to a milking stall that milks 800 cows twice a day. We had such a wonderful time, the family was so fun and friendly. They totally extended everything to us.Robert & Becky, Portland, USA
Waikato WaitomoMatamataRH516(8km) Farm stay, sheep, cattle, calves and maize cropping. Near to Hobbition Movie set used in the filming of the Lord of Rings.
Host interests: Gardening, horse racing and family.
G21 King (converts to twin) - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Queen - Shared guest bathrooms.
2 Twin - Shared guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 8
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH516 1_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH516 2_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH516 3_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH516 4_thumb.jpg      8Very warm and friendly. Watching them work the lambs was fun. The lamb and vegetables were excellent.Adam & Claudia, Portland, USA
Bay of PlentyKatikatiRH520(Tauranga 35 km) Farm stay, sheep and cattle, handy to kiwi fruit orchards, close state highway 2, 35 kms from Tauranga. Magnificent views on edge of the harbour.
Hosts interests: Music, literature, the arts, golf, gardening.
G21 Queen/Single - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/RH520.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/RH520b.jpg        04"Warm hospitable couple. Couldn't have been better. GREAT EXPERIENCE"D. DeStephanis, Ontario, Canada
Rotorua And TaupoRotoruaRH549(10 km) Farm stay, cattle and sheep. Close to Lake Rotorua. Handy to state highway 5.
Hosts interests: Horse racing and breeding, biking, golf, travel, tennis, walking Please note: minimum 4 adults per night booking
G21 Queen - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/RH549.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/June 2014 027 (2).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/June 2014 023 (4).JPG       01  
Rotorua And TaupoRotorua Bed & BreakfastRH551(5/10 min of city centre) home stay.
Host interests: rugby, gardening, travel. Handy to all major geothermal, Maori culture attractions.
G11 Queen - separate guest bathroom.
1 Twin - seprate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/RH 551.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/RH 551 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/Rh 551 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/RH 551 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/The_Lakes_District/RH 551 5.jpg     03  
ManawatuWhanganuiRH548(Whanganui 15 min drive, Waverley 12km) Farm stay, sheep, cattle and pigs. Extensive garden covers 4 acres with a lake.
Host interests: Conservation, gardening, antiques.
G21 Queen - En suite bathroom.
2 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH548.jpg         01Enjoyable stay, Food And Farm tour.Henry and Maria, Sydney, Australia
ManawatuFieldingRH555(16 km) Farm stay, sheep, deer, grazing dairy cows. Handy to state highway 1.
Host interests: Flying, sailing and gardening.
G2 - elegant country home, extensive garden1 Queen - En suite bathroom.
2 Double (single available) - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 7
files/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/rh555.jpg         02Wonderful dinner, and Hospitality.Gemma, Adelaide, Australia
WairarapaMastertonRH557(3 km) Country stay, sheep, handy to state highway 2 and town centre.
Host interests: Restoring antiques, clock, farm machinery and gardening.
G2, built 18801 King - En suite bathroom.
2 Queen - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Double - Shared guest bathrooms.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 10
files/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH557 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH557 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH 557 3.jpg       02Old world charm, Welcome made for a most enjoyable stay.Richard and Greer, Auckland NZ
MarlboroughBlenheimRH018(7 km, Picton ferry 15 min) Country stay, vineyard growing Sauvignon Blanc grapes, also grazing sheep during winter months. Centre of national award winning vineyards.
Host interests: Rugby, most sport, competitive ploughing, gardening, music, travel.
G12 Double - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Marlborough/RH018.jpg         01"The meals were incredible. We were able to take part in the daily activities of the farm. Wonderful hosts, we were so lucky to stay with them"Amy and Tom Holloway, Denver, USA
West CoastHokitikaRH034(5 min) Country stay, situated Kaniere, over looking Hokitika River, native bush walks.
Host interests: Rugby, current affairs, gardening, cooking and travel.
G11 queen - En suite bathroom.
1 twin - Guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/RH034.jpgfiles/images/content/RH034-Bedroom.jpgfiles/images/content/RH034-Dining.jpg       02"Made us feel right at home, hosts happy to explain aspects of New Zealand life. We loved it!"Jim and Anne Stubbs, Florida, USA
CanterburyRangioraRH023(6 km, Christchurch 30 km) Farm stay, sheep and dairy.
Host interests: Rugby, sport, movies, reading and travel.
G11 Super king - Seperate guest bathrooms.
1 Double - Seperate guest bathrooms.
1 Double - Seperate guest bathrooms. 1 Single - Seperate guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 7
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh023.jpg         02Very warm and friendly.Watching them work the lambs was fun. The fresh lamb and vegetables were excelent.Adam & Claudia, Portland, USA
CanterburyChristchurchRH211Eco friendly home stay 10/15 mins walk from the central city in leafy up market Merivale, short walk from the Avon river, Hagley park and Botanic gardens.
Hosts Interests: Tramping, travel, photography, garden, bridge, skiing.
G1- 2 level home.Two Queen.
One Twin.
All rooms share separate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 3.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 4.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 5.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 6.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Rh211 7_thumb.jpg   07Ideal base to explore central city from.Recent visitors from the US.
CanterburyChristchurchRH246(5 min to airport, 10 min to central city) Home stay in upmarket Fendalton.
Host interests: Outdoors, fishing, hiking, garden.
G1- 2 level home1 Double - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh246 garden.jpg         08They served a New Zealand style dinner and dessert with a nice New Zealand wine.Brad & Cindy, Prineville, USA
CanterburyAkaroaRH170(20 min) Farm stay, with sheep and cattle situated picturesque Okains Bay. Local sandy beach, Maori and Colonial history.
Host interests: Scuba diving, conservation, sport, wood turning, bridge and gardening.
G2 - Villa - Premium rates apply to this property.1 Queen/Single - En suite bathroom.
1 Queen/Single - Private guest bathroom.
1 Queen - Shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 8
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh170.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH170 2.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH170 3.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH170 4.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH170 5.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH170 6.png    09Spacious rooms, Great views, Excellent food.Paul and Maria, Holland
CanterburyMt SomersRH017(45 min inland from Ashburton) Farm stay, rolling hill country sheep, beef cattle and deer.
Hosts interests: Golf, politics, history, art, culture, cooking, food and wine.
G12 Queen - Shared guest bathroom.
1 twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh017.jpg         16Had his dogs herd sheep from the field to paddock to sheering shed and shaved a sheep wow!John & Nicki, WA, USA
CanterburyAshburtonRH157(7 km) Farm stay, grazing sheep, alpacas, with access to other local farms including dairy.
Host interests: Golf, skiing, weaving, arts and crafts, gardening, travel.
G11 Queen plus single - Shared guest bathrooms.
3 Twin - Shared guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 9
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH157 0011.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH157 006.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH157 009.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH157 001.jpg      11Treated us as visiting friends - not just paying guests. Could not ask for anything better - Lovley room, Delicious food, delightful hosts.Derek & Wendy, Geraldton, WA
CanterburyAshburtonRH039(16 km) Farm stay, handy to State Highway 1, sheep, beef cattle, goats, free range hens
Hosts interests: music, reading, gardening.
G11 Queen - Seperate guest bathroom.
2 Twin - Seperate guest bathroom
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH39 007.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH39 006.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH39 001.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH39 002.jpg      12Extensive farm tour, Warm hospitality, Wish we could have stayed longer!.Tan Family, Taiwan
Aorangi MackenzieGeraldineRH035(13 km) farm stay, sheep and cattle, handy highway 79 the main route between Geraldine and Fairlie, local attractions including Barkers Fruit Processors, cheese factory, vineyard, all close by
Host interests: Sport, water skiing, boating, reading, music, gardening, cooking.
G11 Super king - seperate shared bathroom.
1 Queen - seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/rh035.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/Rh035 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH035 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH035 4.JPG      01Tour of farm and garden, gave a family history, made us feel right at home.Recent visitors from the UK
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH037(25km) Country stay, sheep and lambs, deer, pigs, free range hens
Hosts interests: Gardening, travel, photography and catering.
G2, large spacious historic 2 level villa/homestead4 Queen - En suite bathrooms.
2 Twin - En suite bathrooms.
1 Single - En suite bathroom.
Maximum guests: 13
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/opawa homestead.jpg         05Exceeded our expectations, would recomend to others considering a stay in the country.Recent visitors from USA
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH038(5 mins) Farm stay, rolling country sheep, deer and cattle.
Host interests: Boating, fishing, sport (especially rugby), gardening, tramping and family.
G11 Double - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/rh038.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH38(4).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH38(5).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/Rh38(2).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH38(3).JPG     06New home, Great food, Farm tour.Recent visitors from Malaysia
OtagoKurowRH133(15 km, 60 km inland from Oamaru) Farm stay, rolling hill country merino sheep and beef cattle, handy state highway 83, Local wineries, fishing rivers (guide available), and nearby hydro lakes. Horse trekking and tramping on farm.
Host interests: Sport, music, gardening, reading, travel, family.
G21 Queen - En suite bathroom.
2 Double - Shared guest bathroom.
2 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 10
files/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/rh133.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/Rh133 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH133 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH133 4.jpg      02"Should be made compulsory to meet fellow travellers and hosts."John & Lorraine Hancock, NSW, Australia
OtagoOamaruRH33(6km) Country stay with sheep, beef cattle, calves and alpaca. Handy to historic town attractions.
Hosts interests: Gardening, cooking/preserving, wood working, bush walking.
G12 King (both convert to twin/2 singles) - Seperate shared bathroom.
1 Queen - Seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/RH033.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH33.jpgfiles/images/content/RH033-Bathroom.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH 33 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH33 2.jpg     03Great Food, Beautiful stay.Penny, Auckland NZ
Central OtagoCromwellRH011(10 km) High country farm Merino sheep and cattle farm stay, handy state highway 6 and Lake Dunstan, local vineyards.
Host interests: Squash, tennis, rugby, cooking, card and board games.
G21 King - Seperate guest bathrooms.
1 Queen - Seperate guest bathrooms.
1 Twin - Seperate guest bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Central_Otago/Cherry tree view.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Central_Otago/RH011b.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Central_Otago/RH011c.jpg       01"A most welcoming family who were caring and very thoughtful to make the stay an excellant experince"Wendy William, Victoria, Australia
SouthlandGoreRH050(6 km) Farm stay, rolling to steep country, sheep and beef cattle, also horses.
Host interests: Hunting, skiing, reading, travel, family.
G22 Queen - Seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Southland/rh050.jpg         01Homley and comfortable, Perfect stopover between Dunedin and Te AnauLutz and Rachel, Brisbane, Australia
SouthlandGoreRH061(17km) Country farm stay, sheep, beef cattle and dairy cows.
Host interests: Sheep genetics, sport, nursing, cooking, church.
G11 Queen - Seperate shared bathroom.
1 Twin - Seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Southland/rh061.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Southland/rh061b.jpg        02Vast farm property, Warm home and welcome.Hans and Maria, Holland
CanterburySheffieldRH43(5 min, Darfield 15 km, Christchurch 50 min) Country stay with a few sheep, with access to local deer, and dairy farms handy state highway 73.
Outstanding views of the nearby Southern Alps mountain range, handy golf course, fishing rivers and high country lakes.
Host interests: rugby, politics, art, tennis, golf and travel.
G11 Double - Seperate guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Seperate guest bathroom.
1 Single - Seperate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 5
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh143.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/I.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/L.JPG       05Bill took us to see a deer farm, a sheep farm, lawn bowling - all of which gave us a real flavor for life in farm areas. Their alpacas were delightful.Reese & Stan, New York, USA
OtagoDunedinRH119(12 km) Country stay on edge of city, sheep and hens.
Hosts interests: tramping, orienteering, cycling and culture exchange.
G11 Queen - Seperate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 2
files/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/IMG_0119.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/IMG_0117.jpg        04What a wonderful way to spend our first night in New Zealand.John, Germany
NelsonMotuekaRH177(15 km) Farm stay, sheep, beef cattle, also growing calla lilies.
Host interests: rugby, fishing, reading, movies, sport.
G1, SC unit2 Double rooms - Shared bathrooms.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/RH177c.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/RH177b.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/RH177.JPG       03  
Waikato WaitomoMatamataRH518(10 km) Country home stay grazing cattle, free range hens. Access also available to view local sheep and dairy farms. Handy to Hobbiton movie set .
Host interests: Computers, gardening, outdoors.
G12 Queen - Seperate guest bathroom.
2 twin - Shared guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 8
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 518 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 518 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 518 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 518 4.jpg      06  
Bay of PlentyWhakataneRH532(30km) Country stay surrounded by sheep, deer, beef cattle farms.
Situated close to unspoiled Mimiha beach - swimming, sea fishing, Maori history.
Host intrests: sport, rugby, country music, musical theatre, gardening, cooking, travel.
G11 Queen - En suite bathroom.
1 King (converts to twin) - En suite bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/bf5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/bf.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/bf2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Bay_of_Plenty/bf3.jpg      03  
CanterburyGlentunnelRH73(45 min west of Christchurch) country stay, sheep, free range hens.
Glentunnel is a small historic village.
Host intrests: sport,golf, hunting, tramping, gardening, reading.
G11 Queen - En suite bathroom.
1 Superking (converts to twin) - En suite bathroom.
Additional single bed available
Maximum guests: 5
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/The Glen.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/Drinks on the Patio.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/The Rose Border.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/The Neighbours (2).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH73 5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH73 6.jpg    06Hospitable and friendly hosts, best hosted stay in NZ.ecent visitors from Australia
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH93(10km) Farm stay, rolling country sheep, cattle and crops. Excellent mountain views
Host interests: Machinery, tractors, gardening, interior design, scrap booking, community activities.
G2 Former school house, fully renovated.1 Queen - Seperate guest bathroom.
2 Twin - Seperate guest bathroom.
1 single - separate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 7
Also self contained cottage 2 queen-separate shared guest bathroom
1 twin-separate shared quest bathroom
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 93 (10).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 93 (6).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/452.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93(2).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93 C (12).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93 C (6).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93 C (9).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93 C (8).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH93 C (7).JPG07Congenial hosts and simply delightful garden and accommodation.Recent visitors from Australia.
OtagoMosgielRH121(4km) Country home stay, sheep.
Host intrests: Former Sheeep and cattle farmers, classic cars (mini), vintage car club members, fishing, gardening, all sports.
G12 Queen - Seperate shared bathroom.
1 Twin - Seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH121.JPG         05We had a great one night stay, warm and engaging hosts, comfortable new accommodation, highly recommended.Jean and Peter, UK
NelsonDovedaleRH168(50km South west) Farm stay, rolling country sheep, cattle and horses. Handy to Motueka river, trout fishing and wineries.
Host Intrests: Game hunting, fishing, cycling, martial arts, wood working, carpentry, proforming arts.
Languages spoken: German, French, Maori.
G11 King (converts to twin beds) En suite bathroom.
1 Twin - Seperate shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/Farmstay-Outside.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/IMG_2240.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/Farmstay-Bathroom.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/Farmstay-Bedroom.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Nelson/IMG_3234.JPG      Very good, felt most welcome, informative about how the farm operated, we felt like part of the family.David and Elizabeth, MD, USA
CanterburyAshburtonRH111(7km) Farm stay with Deer.
Host Interests: Gardening, salmon fishing, golf, tramping.
G2Two Twin - Separate shared guest bathroom.
One Triple - Seperate shared guest bathroom.
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 3.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 4.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 6.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 111 7.JPG    10Long time deer farmers, woodland garden to explore, relaxed stay.Heng party, China.
Waikato WaitomoOparauRH538(60 km via state highway 31 from Waitomo caves, 39 km west ofTe Awamutu) Rolling hill country farm stay with sheep and cattle. Close to the hot water beach.
Host Interests: Gardening, interior decorating, care giver.
G21 queen and 1 single bed - Separate shared guest only bathroom
1 super king, can be twin - Separate shared guest bathroom
Maximum number of guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH538 20.JPG    08A little peace of heaven, well worth the drive, a real working farm!Guests from Germany
WairarapaMartinboroughRH543(3km, Masterton 40km) Flat to rolling hill country farm stay with sheep and cattle station. Handy to award winning vine yards.
Hosts Interests: Tennis, Squash, Skiing, Boating, Art, Food and Wine, Interior design, Gardening, Reading, Travel.
G22 Queen - Separate guest bathroom.
1 King/twin- Separate guest bathroom.
Maximum Guests: 6 Note: minimum 4 guests any one booking
files/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH543 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH543 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH543 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH543 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Wairarapa/RH543 5.jpg      A true blue high country experience, with close access to the areas local actractions.Recent guests from UK
CanterburyAylesburyRH24(30 mins drive west of Christchurch via state highway 73) Farm stay with highland cattle, miniature horses, surrounded by sheep farms.
Hosts interests: Aviation, sport, golf, extensive garden.
G1 Premium Rates Apply2 Queen - En suit bathroom .
1 double - Shared bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/rh024.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 24 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 24 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 24 3.JPG      03Hosts treated us to awesome three course dinner.USA visitors
AucklandWarkworth B & BRH510(3 Min) Country home stay, situated on the edge of the historic township, with sheep and cows as neighbours and views over the local estuary. Handy to cafe's, vineyards, potteries, antique and craft shops.
G11 Queen - En Suite Bathroom
1 Twin - En Suite Bathroom
Maximum Guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH510 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH510 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Auckland/RH510 3.jpg       2Peaceful environment only 45 minute drive from Auckland.Recent NZ visitors.
Rotorua And TaupoRotoruaRH568Home stay with views high up overlooking the lake and city, NZ's only natural geyser.
Hosts Interests: Golf, current affairs, writing, antiques, theater and the arts.
G21 Queen - Separate guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Separate guest bathroom.
Maximum Guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 6.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Rotorua And Taupo/RH568 7.jpg    An unexpected delight in new zealand's thermal capital. Hosts extensive local knowledge was a bonus.Guests from Australia.
OtagoLawrenceRH124(5 min) Farm stay, rolling country seep and beef cattle, 1 hour from Dunedin on central route to Queenstown and Wanaka.
Situated handy to Clutha Gold cycling trail.
Hosts interests: speciality sheep breeds, garden, music, reading
G22 Double - Separate shared guest bathroom
Maximum Guests: 4
files/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH 124 (3).jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH 124 (2).jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Otago/RH 124 (1).jpg        Fantastic stay in a 100 year old renovated character home, Highly recommended.Recent visitors from Australia.
Waikato WaitomoTe AwamutuRH 512(15 min from and handy to state highway 3 and Waitomo Caves) Country stay with sheep, gypsy cob horses and calves
Hosts Interests: farm machinery, cars, rugby, horse racing
G11 King Bed with King Single - Shared separate guest bathroom.
1 King Single - Shared separate guest bathroom.
1 Queen - Shared separate guest bathroom.
SC unit with 1 queen
Maximum guests: 8
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 512.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 512 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 512 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 512 3.JPG      05  
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH12(3 km) handy to state highway 8, country stay, rolling hill country sheep
Hosts Interests: game hunting, fishing, photography, travel
G1 extensive mountain views3 Queen - Separate guest only bathrooms
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 12 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 12 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH12 3.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 12 4.JPG      8  
CanterburyAshburtonRH90(Close in) Country home stay, set among extensive garden with access to local sheep farm.
Hosts Interests: Salmon fishing, flower arranging, embroidery, gardening, booking.
G11 Queen - En suite bathroom.
2 Twin - Guest only share bathroom
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 90 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH90 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 90 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH90 4.jpg      13These hosts are simple the best, hospitality, level of comfort and facilities just first class. 
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH20(13 km) farm stay, large sheep, beef cattle and cropping property.
Host Interests: community activities, travel, photography, gardening, motor and watersports
mountain & lake views3 queen (Two beds that convert to twin).
All rooms share separate guest only bathroom,
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 1_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 4_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 5_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 6_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 7_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 20 8_thumb.jpg  7Ideal stop over base on the Christchurch to Queenstown routeRecent German visitors
ManawatuPalmerston NorthRH546Farm stay with beef cattle, sheep, free range hens. ,
Hosts interests: Sport, travel, photography, edible plants, tramping.
G11 Queen
1 Single
Guest Bathroom
Maximum guests: 3
files/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH546 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH546 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH546 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH546 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Manawatu/RH546 5.jpg      Ideal stop over base on the Rotoura to Wellington route.Recent British guests.
Waikato WaitomoPirongiaRH537(Te Awamutu 12km) Country stay, some sheep, free range hens.
Hosts Interests: Veterinarian, cycling, baking, knitting.
G1Room One: 2 King Singles.
Room Two: 3 King Singles
Maximum guests: 5
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 537 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 537 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 537 5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/20180227_093008_thumb.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/20180227_092940_thumb.jpg     6Ideal base to explore the local Waitomo caves and other Waikato regional attractions.Recent German Visitors
Waikato WaitomoMatamataRH519Country stay, surrounded by dairy and sheep farms.
Hosts interests: Architecture, gardening, boating, making preserves from own garden produce.
G2, Converted former school house.2 Rooms - Both with queen bed and single.
Separate guest bathroom.
Maximum guests: 6
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 519.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH519 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH519 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 519 4_thumb.jpg      7Ideal base to explore nearby Hobbiton and other Waikato regional attractions.Recent US visitors.
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH13(20 km) farm stay, rolling country sheep and cattle
Hosts Interests: Community work, garden, family cooking
G15 Rooms.
4 Super king/twin and queen rooms with en suite.
Maximum Guests: 8 plus
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH13 1.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH 13 2.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/Rh 13 3.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH13 4.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH13 6.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/Rh13 7.pngfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/Rh13 8.png    Guided tour around the farm, lovely dinner, very social stay!Recent Visitors from Germany.
CanterburyAshburtonRH02Country home stay with sheep.
Hosts interests: Sport, vintage machinery, classic cars, craft work, gardening, reading.
G1, Extensive garden3 Rooms.
1 Large family room with 1 king, 1 single, with bathroom.
1 King - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Queen - Shared guest bathroom.
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 02 3.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 02 1.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 02 2.JPG       14Close to the town of Ashburton, lovely dinner, very social.Recent visitors from China
CanterburyStaveleyRH08Country home stay near the base of the Canterbury plains. Mountain views surrounded by farms.
Hosts interests: Crop and industry, nursing, rugby, golf, fishing, gardening, reading.
G1, Extensive garden and mountain views.1 Queen - Shared guest bathroom.
1 Twin - Shared guest bathroom.
files/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 08.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 08 2.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 08 5.JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Canterbury/RH 08 3.JPG      15Took good care of us, even showed us around the local area which was a bonus, would recommend.Recent visitors from Sweden.
Aorangi MackenzieFairlieRH25(5 km) Farm stay, flat to rolling hill country. sheep, cattle and deer
Hosts: Gardening, reading, movies.
G2, Extensive garden and mountain views.2 Rooms.
2 Queen.
1 Single.
All rooms share guest only bathroom and separate toilet.
Maximum guests: 5
files/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH25 (1).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH25 (3).JPGfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Aorangi_Mackenzie/RH25 (2).JPG        Lovely dinner, farm tour, conversation, would recommend.Recent visitors from Germany
Waikato WaitomoHamiltonRH508Country home stay, beef cattle and horses (not for riding) chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits.
Hosts Interests: Fishing, boating, equestrian events.
G1, Extensive garden, Swimming pool.5 Guest Rooms.
2 Queen.
2 Queen - 1 Single.
1 Double - 1 Single.
All rooms share guest only bathroom and separate toilets.
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/Rh508 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 5.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 6.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH508 7.jpg   02Lovley dinner, conversation. Would recommend.Recent visitors from China
Waikato WaitomoOhaupoRH507Close to Waitomo Caves and Hamilton, country home stay with beef cattle and horses (not for riding).
Hosts Interests: Volunteer work, Natural health, Organic gardening, travel.
G11 King
1 Queen
Separate guest bathroom.
files/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 507 1.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 507 2.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 507 3.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 507 4.jpgfiles/images/content/ListingImages/Waikato/RH 507 5.jpg